Lampe Berger Haussmann Lamp - Rosewood


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Inspired by the Haussmann’s Renovation of Paris, Maison Berger Paris collaborated with designer Armand Delsol, creating a catalyzed glass body reinforced with a soft and subtle rosewood hue, creating a great femininity. Lampe Berger Haussmann Rosewood reinvents the prestigious capital that the bourgeoisie used to walk to, and crowned with a majestic shiny silver crown frame that reminiscent Haussmann’s rich and elaborate style.

Echoing your interior with the Haussmann’s visions and with Maison Berger Paris master perfumers, it will be a total floral and feminine Parisian aura.

Remove the burner from the lamp if you are not using it for several weeks. Change the burner every 200 ignitions or every year. Use the Lampe Berger Neutral Purifying Scent to clean the burner if you are going to use different purifying scents each time, to purify your interior without perfuming it or to modulate the intensity of your perfume by diluting it.

Category Lamp
Color White
Pack Size 10 cm x 7 cm x 24 cm

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