Aroma Happy Mist Diffuser Set

PHP 4,999.00

Using the renowned flower design that is visibly evident on every product such as reed diffuser and Berger lamps, and integrate it into the modern style creates a unique product that transcends through time. The new Aroma Happy Mist Diffuser is the result of mixing two different eras and creates a new design that greatly compliments both times.

Its white frosted glass cladding was intricately designed with the iconic floral pattern that shows its elegance and the use of wood as a lid engraved with the name of Maison Berger Paris creates a warm ambiance together with its round and soft feel. The light rays emitted by the mist diffuser makes the floral pattern radiates positivity and is greatly enhanced by the fresh aquatic perfume that helps lighten the mood. The combination of watery fruits such as the sweet and radiant green apple and melon together with mono oil will surely make the mood happier with a sense of relief. Fill your space with the aura of joy and elation using the Aroma Mist Diffuser as your catalyst and enjoy the ambiance as much as you want. Packed with readymade essential oil that prevents the risks of over-or-under-dosage use of essential oils.

A genuinely beautiful product right within your grasps.

Category Mist Diffuser
Collection Aroma Collection

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