Aroma Relax Mist Diffuser Set

PHP 4,999.00

Designed base on Scandinavian impression, the new Aroma Relax Mist Diffuser is the perfect fit for your interior design upgrade. Ingrained in the simple yet elegant frosted white glass is a flower accent that looks majestic while being illuminated with a ray of light producing a somewhat feminine impression. While it’s rough-looking wooden top emanate a sense of masculinity ending with a one of a kind design that perfectly provides harmonious balance.

The pleasantly eastern aroma emanates a hint refine and the tender scent of star anise, the affinity of vanilla, and the blossoming essence of rose flower. The essential oils mixed on the readymade solution are widely known for its aromachological benefits. Greatly enhanced with the essence of geranium, patchouli, and lignum vitae, the Aroma Relax Mist Diffuser’s fragrance will help you regain the tranquility of your mood creating a calm and serene mind.

Category Mist Diffuser
Collection Aroma Collection

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