Maison Berger Outlets Blue Tag Sale Promo
08 March

Maison Berger Outlets Blue Tag Sale Promo

Maison Berger Philippines celebrates another year of refreshing and bringing the Parisian elegance to your homes. Let us Thank and Honor your patronage as we celebrate another mileage with a promo that you surely love! Reopening the annual Maison Berger - Blue Tag Sale 2019 giving you a variety of promotional offers on lamps, purifying scents, scented cubes and bouquets and fragrance this whole month of March!

Emerge the beauty of the Parisian elegance with the fruity and flowery aroma that fills the room with relaxation and comfort. Refresh your day with purifying scents and fragrances that fits your style.

MARCH 1-15

Buy your favorite lamps, scented cubes, giftsets and purifying scents and fragrances as Maison Berger Philippines offers a special sale on March 1 until March 15, 2019 with BUY 2 GET 1 FREE.

Lampe Berger Products

  • Buy any two (2) selected Lampe Berger lamps and/or selected Lampe Berger giftsets and get the least priced value or equivalent priced value third (3rd) lamp or giftset for FREE
  • Buy two (2) selected Purifying Scents and get one (1) 500ml Purifying Scent for FREE**


Parfum Berger Products

  • Buy two (2) selected Parfum Berger scented cubes (including Ceramic Lily Scented Bouquet) and get the least priced value or equivalent priced value third (3rd) scented bouquet for FREE
  • Buy two (2) Parfum Berger Recharge Bottles and get one (1) Parfum Berger Recharge Bottle for FREE**


** excluding Aroma Collections and Lolita Lempicka Collections

MARCH 16-31 

Choose your favorite scents and get your giftset a 50% OFF DISCOUNT. Fill your rooms with your preferred purifying scents as you BUY 1 and GET 50% DISCOUNT from March 16 until March 31, 2019.

Lampe Berger Products

  • Buy one (1) selected Lampe Berger 1 liter Purifying Scent and get one (1) selected Lampe Berger Giftset at 50% Price OFF

Parfum Berger Products

  • Buy one (1) selected Parfum Berger Recharge Bottle and get one (1) selected Parfum Berger Scented Cubes at 50% Price OFF 


**Go to your nearest Lampe Berger Outlets